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Embark on a blazing adventure with Amazing Legends™ Lucky Devils, where the underworld's flames flicker and dance around the Orange, Red, and Purple Lucky Devils. In this infernal playground, these adorable mischief-makers gather, their eyes gleaming with the promise of untold riches. As they join forces in the fiery depths, the Amazing Legends™ feature is unleashed, sending the reels spinning with the potential for monumental wins. Get ready to journey through the underworld alongside these charming devils, where every spin brings you closer to unlocking treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

During the Amazing Legends™ Free Spins feature, players can encounter Bonus symbols that activate various features. After awarding, Bonus symbols transform into Prize symbols and lock into place. The Orange Devil's chip emerges as the symbol of luck, heralding the arrival of the Amazing Legends™ Prize Boost feature. If the Prize Boost Bonus symbol appears during the Free Spins, it reveals a random prize value. This prize value boosts the worth of all locked Prize symbols. Keep a keen eye on the reels, for when the orange chip appears, it awards a cascade of prizes, initiating a captivating display of devilish riches.

Remain vigilant as you venture into the depths of the underworld's reels, for when the Red Devil's blazing chip emerges, it sparks an eruption of prizes, unlocking the enthralling Amazing Legends™ Collect All feature. During this enchanting feature, the Collect-All Bonus symbol gathers the values from all locked Prize symbols and just before the next spin begins, the Collect-All Bonus symbol shifts into a Prize symbol, firmly securing its position with the sum of all prizes on screen. Experience the emergence of the Collect-All Bonus symbol solely within the Amazing Legends™ feature, a red chip guided by the infernal influence of the Red Devil. This transformation turns the gaming journey into a symphony of rewards that echoes throughout the depths.


The Purple Devil's captivating chip unveils the unforgettable Amazing Legends™ Multiplier feature. With the arrival of the Multiplier Bonus symbol during Free Spins, the reels come alive with random multipliers, amplifying the locked Prize symbols and unleashing a whirlwind of flaming riches. Prepare for the gripping display, as the Purple Chip becomes the gateway to unlocking unimaginable wealth, ensuring players an unforgettable journey brimming with thrills and substantial rewards.

Release Date

July 25, 2024

array size


maximum win



20 Paylines

player type


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