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Who We Are

At SpinPlay Games, not only do we take pride in our slots, we take pride in ourselves. As a team of experienced and diverse individuals, we are constantly asking ourselves “what next?” We are ever evolving and always looking to be better than we currently are. We are a team of talented perfectionists who band together to make sure our games are great.

We pride ourselves in our ability to think outside of the box and to work individually in order to bring each piece of the puzzle together. We pride ourselves in our passion to achieve something more and to build better games, and we pride ourselves on our passion to bring Las Vegas to the world.




Though we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have team members based all throughout the world! We believe that communication is key and it keeps us successful in our process.

We have the passion to achieve something more and to build better games. We believe not only in taking ownership over our work as individuals, but also as a whole team.

We believe that nothing is ever set in stone. We are constantly evolving in our thought process and the way that we do things. We are always looking to be better than WE are!

Let's Get Social

The best way to stay up to date on all things SpinPlay Games is to follow us on our social media channels, or checkout our News page!

Meet Our Founders

Anton Kuhlmann

Co-Founder/ CEO

Co-Founder/ COO

Serena Petersen

A team of patient, detailed, hardworking, kind and driven individuals bringing Las Vegas to the World.

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