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Action Cash™ Lightning Bounty

Saddle up with Action Cash™ Lightning Bounty, immersing yourself in the wild west's rugged charm as you spin the reels to uncover a spectrum of treasures – from cacti green to sunset red, and desert bloom purple.


As the sun sets on the wild west horizon, the elusive Action Cash™ symbol emerges on reel 5 during the Base Game, signaling the presence of hidden treasures in the untamed landscape. With every appearance of the Action Cash™ symbol, a cascade of wealth is triggered, as the screen unveils the prize displayed on each symbol. The air is charged with anticipation, echoing the promise of outlawed riches that lies beneath the rugged surface.


Green Coins rustle in the wind, collecting into the Green Coin chest and rewarding players with 10 Free Spins on the expanded 5x5 reel array featuring 40 paylines. Keep a watchful eye on reel 1 for the Action Cash™ symbol, as it bestows instant bonus credit prizes, ensuring the bounty keeps rolling in.


Gather the Red Coins as you ride through the wild west, triggering a special action with each appearing Coin. These coins award colored stars, with each star offering either instant bonus credits or color-coded jackpot stars. Aim true for opportunities to win multiple jackpots, with the MEGA jackpot at 5000x. Collect 6 Red Stars for MEGA, 5 Purple Stars for MAJOR, 4 Blue Stars for MINOR, and 3 Green Stars for MINI. If you round up all the required stars for a jackpot, it's instantly awarded, and the collected stars reset for your next jackpot pursuit.


Gold Coins shine in the glow of the moonlight, participating in the Purple Coin Action Boost™ feature triggered by Purple Coins. Enjoy 10 Free Spins with additional chances to win free spins, instant bonus credit prizes, and a mighty multiplier on every spin. The gold rush is on, partner!


Initiate any combination of the Colorful Coins to plunge into a feature-rich escapade across the untamed frontier. Experience expanding reels, multipliers, instant credit prizes, additional free spins, and the potential for multiple jackpots, including the grand prize of 5000x. Explore the untold wealth of the wild west with these electrifying features, and may the lightning bounty strike in your favor!

Release Date

May 23, 2024

array size

5x3 up to 5x5

maximum win



20 to 40 Paylines

player type

Medium- High

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