Bringing Las Vegas to the world!

SpinPlay Games is a math first studio based in Las Vegas, NV and established in February 2019.

Founded by mathematicians behind some of the best games in Vegas, we focus on making online games for gamblers by giving them what they want most - a great gambling experience.   

Our math models drive our design process, but of course that is only the beginning. Perfecting theme, timings, sounds, animations and player experience bring our math models to life. 

As a studio of slot lovers and gamblers, we take pride in making the games that we love to play.

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Our Philosophies


Player Focused

We make games for gamblers.  We focus on building cohesive and compelling gaming experiences that players can't get enough of.


Math First

Clearly, our studio loves math and puts it first as we move through our development process.



For us, it's an amazing experience to utilize our team's skills to make games. To watch our games come to life is - well - just fun!